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Disney Th!nk Fast


Disney Th!nk Fast

ESRB: Everyone - E
Platform: Nintendo Wii
Category: Family Fun

Developer: Magenta Software
Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios


Players: 1-4
Wii Remote and Nunchuk Compatible

Getting a little taste of Disney Th!nk Fast earlier this holiday season at the Disney Holiday Preview Event left me wanting a bigger piece of the trivia pie. I definitely felt as though I needed to redeem myself after I was out played by one of the younger trivia masters attending the event. In preparation for this challenge I sat down and watched as many Disney movies with my son as I could. Feeling confident with the knowledge I had newly acquainted myself with, I dove in looking to prove my studying had paid off.


Being part of the Disney franchise, the graphics were designed so that the characters, backgrounds, and props were easily recognizable to the avid Disney fan. It was fun to see the characters take a change from their original forms to a more 3-D appearance via the Nintendo Wii.

Within the game are four themed locations that have been designed and inspired from Disney movies including “The Lion King,” “The Little Mermaid,” “Lilo & Stitch,” and “101 Dalmations”. Personally, being a huge fan of the Lion King I enjoyed playing in the Pride Lands where Pride Rock is nestled in the background. A lot of detail went into the backgrounds making them appear as though the game show’s set was dropped right down in the middle of each famous setting. Life carries on in each environment too and when it’s not your turn you may want to take a moment to look around and see what is happening.

Throughout the question rounds you will be introduced to a series of picture answers, movie clips, and pencil sketches. In most cases these were nearly identical to your favourite Disney movies and animated shorts and overall they were of excellent quality.


If you’re a fan of the comedic antics of the Genie from the movie Aladdin then you are in for a treat. The Genie hosts Disney Th!nk Fast and the voice actor does a remarkable job, however he is no Robin Williams. That being said he does an admirable job. The other dominant voice is the narrator/announcer who reminds me of the cliché loud and eloquent voice over guy of so many other games. He walks you through the instructional portions of the game as well as the game set up.

There is a large assortment of sound effects throughout. Th!nk Fast has a large variety of buzzer sounds available for you to select. I preferred the Clown Horn, Wee, Whistle and Woo ones myself, but I suggest you go through the thirteen buzzers and find one that suits your style.

The background music is standard and provides a decent atmosphere. However, the music does get somewhat repetitive because it is always the same each time you play through a trivia session. It would have been nice to have a bit more musical variety or a music & sound customization menu to mix things up. The latter would allow you to omit music you don’t like as much. The repetitiveness also carries on to the character comments too. The repetitive nature of both is really my only major complaint with the game.


Answering the trivia questions is done with the unique visual answer system that is featured in the game. When faced with a question up to four pictures will pop up on the screen to choose your answer from and there are four control options to do this. You can either hit the appropriate direction on the d-pad or control stick that corresponds with the possible answer (this is two options) or you can hold down the A button on the Wii Remote, or the Z button on the Nunchuk, and motion either one of these controllers towards your answer (this is the other two options). I preferred using the d-pad myself as I found I got my answers in slightly quicker than my fellow competitors. However, I am sure that each player will find the best method that suits their style of gameplay.

When you first start a game you choose a character from the various selections including Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Daisy, Clarabelle, and Horace. There are three other characters that you can unlock by reaching high scores in single player mode. Achieving scores of 10,000, 20,000 or 30,000 points will unlock some more favorite characters. If you happen to reach 30,000 points on your first try all of the characters will be unlocked. It took me a couple tries to reach the 30,000 point threshold, but it was worth the effort to have the extra three characters. Curious as to who those three extra characters are? You best get to work getting those high scores then!

Playing the single player mode allows you to practice your trivia in seven different rounds such as Fast Chance, 50-50, Star Struck, Spotlight, Odd One Out, Observation and Under Pressure. Keep in mind that the questions are not all about the World of Disney as there are also a good amount of general knowledge questions too. I have taken some time to explain the various rounds you will play.

- Fast Chance: There are three question rounds in Fast Chance where six trivia questions are asked for each question category selected. The categories consist of Heroes and Villains, Animal Kingdom, Past & Present, Music & Songs, Sidekicks, It’s all Relative, Where in the World, Supporting Cast, Quotes & Phrases and Magic & Mystery. You will make your selection from one of the four possible answers in the allotted time, but don’t feel rushed either because if you get the answer wrong, no penalties will be given.

- 50/50: Each trivia question in this round has a possible two answers, select your answer from the options to the left or right. You have a 50% chance of getting the answer right, and no penalty for getting it wrong, so don’t be afraid to make a guess.

- Star Struck: A special guest star arrives to ask questions about the movie your location is themed from. Timon, Sebastian, One of the Dalmations, and Stich make some time to quiz you about your favourite movies and give you a few laughs as well. Like Fast Chance, you select from one of the four possible answers in the allotted time, but be careful because wrong answers will earn you a point reduction.

- Odd One Out: Watch the spinning vases and select the Muse that is different from the other three. As you progress the differences will be less obvious, so keep your eyes peeled. It’s a race against the clock in this round, so answer your questions as fast you can so you can optimize how many points you get in this round. Be wary though, if you select the wrong vase you will receive a point reduction.

- Observation: A film clip will be put up on screen that you need to watch very carefully. Look for as many clues as possible. Count everything, notice colours, and note the actions the characters do. Answer a series of questions about the clip as fast as you can as the quicker you answer the more points you will receive. Once again though, wrong answers will lose you points.

- Clued In: A picture of an object, person or place is slowly revealed to you while are given hints to the answer. Using the sketch and hints select your answer as quickly as possible to optimize the amount of points you receive. Point values are reduced as time elapses.

- Under Pressure: In this round you have to answer as many questions as possible in your allotted time. Your allotted time is determined by how well you scored in the previous six rounds. In this round a lot of points can be earned, but be careful as wrong answers will cost you a deduction.

Multiplayer works the same as single player, but this time you can challenge up to three opponents for the title of Trivia Master. Select from Quick Start, Standard Game, or a Custom Game to get yourself started in a match. In Quick Start all you have to do is select how long your game will be (Short, Medium or Long) as the rest of the set up such as character selection, buzzer, difficulty, location and rounds will be automatically done by the game so you can start your competition immediately. With the Standard Game’s settings you will set up all of these options yourself before you start your competition.

One of the great features in Th!nk Fast is the Custom Game feature where you elect the length of your trivia game, and select the question rounds you wish to include in your game. Multiplayer question rounds include all of the rounds mentioned previously, except Under Pressure. Other question rounds to look forward to playing include True or False, Quick Count, Top Toon, Take a Guess!, Spotlight, Balloon Burst, Quickdraw, Free Throw, High or Low, Zone In, and Rapid Ranking. After you have selected your rounds you create a name for your Custom Game to save and use later on. This option adds a lot of diversity to how your matches can be played because you can save up to sixteen different trivia matches.

I found multiplayer to be a lot more engaging and it holds a lot more variety in the type of question rounds compared to single player. Don’t get me wrong, single player mode is entertaining when you’re on your own or want to practice and test your knowledge, but there is nothing like playing with friends of family.

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