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Cordless Desktop Wave Pro

Cordless Desktop Wave Pro

Platform: PC Games
Category: Keyboards

Package Contents:

Logitech Cordless Wave Keyboard™
Logitech MX1100 Cordless Laser Mouse
USB mini-receiver
2 AA alkaline batteries (pre-installed)
1 AA rechargeable NiMH batteries (pre-installed)
USB to Micro USB charging cable
5 V USB power adaptor
CD with software and comfort guidelines
User manual
3-year limited hardware warranty

Over the years I have tried many ergonomic keyboards and more often than not I end upo scrambling to get rid of them. I could never get used to the set-up with the keyboard split in half and at such a sharp angle to boot. The awkwardness of these funky looking keyboards just left me frustrated. For my home office I have long since used a Logitech wireless keyboard and it did the job. The only downside, the keyboard was not ergo friendly and I was often subjected to wrist and hand cramps. But again, I just didn’t like what was out there. Alas, finally a keyboard has come along that not only feels like an ergo keyboard but it is also comfortable and easy to get used to. Not to mention the keyboard has some additional functions which makes it a great purchase. And did I mention it comes with a wireless mouse? Well, the kind folks at Logitech recently sent us here at GameBoyz the Logitech Cordless Wave Pro Desktop which includes the Wave Cordless Keyboard and the MX1100 Cordless Laser Mouse. After several days with the set, all in all I would have to say I am very impressed.

When I finally received the package back to my home office I was amazed at how easy the Cordless Desktop Wave Pro Keyboard and Mouse was to set up. Everything comes in the box including two AA batteries for the keyboard and a fully charged mouse. There was no need to run to my local store to pick-up some batteries or wait a few hours for the mouse to charge. In fact, I didn’t even need to install the software. Once I plugged everything in it all worked like a charm. Of course I quickly installed the included software but it was nice to know I did not need to do that right off the hop before I plugged the new goodies in.

Before I discuss the mouse, I will start with the keyboard. On the downside, many will find the keyboard to be a little on the large side which may be an adjustment for those laptop users and those with not a lot of desk space. Personally, I found the size of the keyboard to be perfect in is its unique shape and design. The keys on the center of the board are slightly elevated forming a ‘wave-like’ design, hence the name wave which reflects its shape. The design and elevated keys are subtle and certainly not an ‘eye-sore’ when compared with some of the other ergo keyboards on the market. Bottomline, it makes for a natural feel and very comfortable when typing away for hours on end.

The base of the keyboard also features a cushioned palm rest which is absolutely fantastic and something I can’t believe I have gone so long without. I also like the larger keys including the oversized delete key. I can’t count how many times I have accidentally hit the insert key over the years. On the Wave the insert key is slightly elevated and at a good distance from the oversized delete key. So I can say goodbye to those insert key mishaps.

The keyboard also has some multimedia and Windows-centric buttons readily available. In addition to being able to pull up a word document with the FN and F1 buttons you can also pull up your music jukebox with a simple click of the music button. You can also pause, skip and control the volume of your tunes as well. Maybe I have been living in the stone ages but I thought this was just a great feature. For Vista users, there are also some Vista specific buttons at your disposal including the ability to pull up your Windows Vista Photo Gallery and Windows Vista Gadgets.

One of the amazing features with regards to the keyboard is the 3-year battery life. Unfortunately, our Editor in Chief has not given me 3-years to review the battery life of the keyboard so I cannot comment if it actually lasts a full three years. Nevertheless, even if Logitech exaggerated its claims, 2-years would be impressive.

The MX1100 Mouse is a personal favourite of my wife’s. It didn’t take long for her to jump on my home office PC and comment how much she loved the new mouse. Catered for right handed mouse users, the MX1100 has a charcoal black-on-black look to it and has ten buttons. With the included software you can re-assign some of the button if they are not to your liking. The mouse has a slick shape with a prominent thumb groove on the left side and a thumb button. Your standard left click and right click buttons are included along with the center scrolling toggle. The center scrolling wheel has two spin modes (hyper fast or precision scrolling). In hyper fast mode, the wheel spins freely allowing you to fly through long documents and webpages. The precision scrolling uses a ratcheted click-to-click mode to navigate lists or slides. I preferred the precision scrolling however I can see how many would prefer the free scrolling ways of the hyper scrolling feature, especially for newsgroups users.

As I mentioned above, unlike the keyboard the MX1100 Mouse is rechargeable and comes with the rechargeable battery and USB cable. A full charge lasts up to 2 months and comes as a welcome relief as I have gone through far too many mouse batteries over the years. Another great feature is the flashing battery-indicator light which alerts you when your batteries are low. Gone are the days of tearing apart the house looking for a spare set of AA’s as your mouse suddenly dies. The included battery in the mouse is also worth mentioning and demonstrates how much Logitech cares about their consumers. Not only is the battery replaceable included but it is a Sanyo Eneloop AA battery, which is a high-quality battery. Additionally you can use the mouse while it is recharging.

The included 2.4 GHz wireless USB adapter does provide users with a solid connection. I placed my adaptor at the back of my PC and very rarely did I get any typing slow-downs or delays due to interference. Everything ran without a hitch and it’s nice not to have any clutter that comes with wires and adapters.

On a closing note, the following are some technical specifications, features and system requirements:

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