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Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows


Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows

Platform: PC Games
Category: Game pads
Author: Murray G

The 360 wireless controller for Windows is a gift from heaven and one of the first signs the “Convergence” is upon us. You can use this controller with your Xbox 360 and your windows machine. This is truly a quality cross platform controller.

As you can see from the image it’s impossible to guess which is the controller for the Xbox 360 and which is the 360 wireless controller for windows.

The “Games for Windows” people at Microsoft are spearheading the re-emergence of PC gaming. By having publishers adhere to standards like making games compatible with this controller, making games easier to install and the ability to play cross platform. These are some of the new initiatives which promise to breathe new life into PC Gaming.

The 360 Wireless Controller for Windows is big step in the right direction for PC Gaming. It shouts PC Gaming is back and the future looks bright.

All the triggers, buttons and thumb sticks work extremely well and exhibit very quick response times. I honestly couldn’t tell the difference between this and the wireless controller that came with my 360.

It did open a new world of gaming for me as well. When I treadmill I play games, up till now I could only use my 360 while I treadmill. That has all changed, now I can play many of my PC games while I treadmill.

The only difference between the 360 wireless controller for windows and the regular 360 wireless controller is the adaptor that allows the controller to communicate with your PC. It’s the size of a box of matches and connects to your pc via USB.

It’s a snap to set-up, install the software and away you go. You will have to set up the profile and actions within your game, assuming your game can work with a controller.

I could only find two negatives with this controller.

1. Setting up the profile in some games was difficult(Battlefield 2).
2. Doesn’t work that great with RTS games.

Some hardcore FPS players swear by their Keyboard and mouse, up to now I was one of them. This controller is quickly changing my views though. Sometimes change is a good thing.

For the long term health of the PC gaming industry this cross platform controller is a god send. As Console and PC gaming converge hardware will be needed that can operate in both worlds. This controller will help to spur life into a gaming sector that has been falling behind the console wave for several years now.


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